Red Spitting Cobra

We went to the Ontario Science Center yesterday to see the secret pond, tour Gill’s classrooms and see the new reptile exhibit.  Gill is on secondment from her home high school to teach Math to a handful of Grade 12 students who are selected to complete a term of their final year at the OSC.  We live nearby so its an easy bike ride with the kids to  drop in.

The new reptile exhibit is a traveling exhibit that shows a wide range of reptiles from around the world and has a number of interactive displays about the science of reptiles – how fangs and venom work, number of bones in a snake’s body, world’s longest snakes, and so on.  As we moved through the exhibit, above each reptile’s glass case, there is a description of the crocodile/snake/lizard, where it’s from, whether or not it is poisonous, what it likes to eat and other interesting facts.   We only found one reptile unique to Uganda:

A five foot long spitting cobra that can eject venom over eight feet into the eyes of predators.  Can’t wait to come across this guy in our backyard.  Perhaps it will keep the monkeys away from the mango trees.  I’m pretty sure we won’t be living in the dry brush country but it sounds like we will be doing field visits with the CKW program so maybe I will get a picture with the telephoto lens.

We’ve had lots of people ask us about whether we are going to go on safari while we are there and the answer is definitely.  A few people we’ve talked to have been to the Ngoragora Crater, Masai Mara and other spots but if you have been on safari or to the national parks in Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania then post a comment or email me because there are a lot of options and I’d appreciate hearing about personal experiences rather than guide book recommendations.

We plan to visit friends in Ethiopia and would like to go to Egypt but otherwise are open to just about anything that’s reasonably family friendly.


About Smith Family

Chris, Gillian, Toby and Beatrice have called Toronto home but are now looking at a new adventure overseas for a year.
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