Training in Bushenyi

I spent last week in the town of Ishaka in Western Uganda, a green, cool and hilly part of the country not too far from Queen Elizabeth National Park. I actually stayed in the same hotel as Chris did when he travelled into the field a couple of months ago. It’s gorgeous there with rolling green hills covered in banana plantations and tiny farms. To get to Ishaka we crossed over the equator so here I am with a foot in both the northern and southern hemispheres!

We were in Ishaka training a new batch of CKWs and I was there to test the effectiveness of some of the new training methods and ideas I’ve been helping the team with.

Here’s our community circle where we reflected things we had learned:

Here are the CKWs attempting to untangle themselves from the human knot:

Here I’m quizzing the CKWs to check for understanding:

Having a white person/muzungu help out was apparently a bit of a thrill because at break times in the training, I was swarmed by requests for photos – it was my Angelina Jolie moment. One of the CKWs told me it had to be a very good photo because he was going to frame it. Wow!

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2 Responses to Training in Bushenyi

  1. Barb says:

    It must feel great to make a difference

  2. Chris says:

    Good to see The Crane Hotel getting some love

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