Christmas turkey

This week we’ve been feeling tad nostalgic for snow, family and Christmas turkey so we thought we’d introduce our friends to a Canadian Christmas dinner: turkey, squash, stuffing, gravy and all the good stuff! We were joined by our swedish friends Anna and Mattias who brought straight from Sweden smoked salmon, our spanish friend Moncia and her norwegian husband Gard who brought chocolate fondue and our estonian friend Kaidi who supplied some delish vegetable dishes. A very fun evening was had by all with unanimous consent that Ugandan turkey cooked Canadian-style shared by good friends makes an excellent Christmas feast!

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3 Responses to Christmas turkey

  1. Barb says:

    join the club- we are all feeling nostalgic for snow! looks like a green christmas this year…
    so jump in the pool (or ocean next week) and enjoy xxx

  2. Rachel Nelson says:

    Not a drop of snow here either!!! 🙂 Enjoy the holidays. xx Rachel

  3. Christine Till says:

    Hi Smith family!
    We got snow (finally!!). Thinking about you during the holidays. Nice to hear that you had turkey (and not that big rooster statue with feathers). Wishing you much happiness and good health for 2012!
    xx and oo to everyone.

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