Bea’s Rocks and UV Light

I got some really extraordinary rocks a fantastic science center.  I got a cool UV light, it’s purple.  I also got some fun rocks with the light.  When I shine the light they turn different colours.  We had a fantastic time.  We also got a star rock that you can look through other things that is called a TV rock.  It is really cool.

In the science center I did some really fun things like I saw a real robot.  Ella I hope you are enjoying the blog post.  I put a brain together and it was hard.

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About Smith Family

Chris, Gillian, Toby and Beatrice have called Toronto home but are now looking at a new adventure overseas for a year.
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One Response to Bea’s Rocks and UV Light

  1. Gran says:

    That is SO cool, Bea!

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